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BNJ-2000 Ice Cream Freezing Machine

The company generates complete-set frozen food equipments, with a background of greater than two decades. The firm has strong technical pressure, stringent testing approaches and advanced processing devices (CNC makers). With the complete quality administration system, cozy as well as thoughtful after-sale solutions, our items have actually been highly commended by consumers around China and also in international nations.

Product Details
BNJ-2000 Ice-cream Freezing Machine
BNJ series Ice-cream freezing machines are the ideal equipments for large-scale and continuously soft ice-cream production. Mixing and froze the material and air to make ice-creams, it can produce high quality ice-creams continuously and automatically, which will help reduce the cost in processing. This machine can be used in both manual filling and large-scale automatic production line. 
Operational principle 
Ice-cream material and proper air enter the freezing drum through the gearing pump, and Freon compressor will start refrigerating. Scraper inside freezing drum begin to mix the material and air, and stainless steel blade will scrape the frozen ice-cream on the internal wall, then ice-cream will be out through the discharge pump.
Main technical parameters
Serial number Model parameter unit Numerical value
1 Maximum production capacity (expansion rate 100%) L/h 2000
Maximum production capacity (expansion rate 100%) +2-+4
Discharge temperature ≤-4
Evaporation temperature -30
Oil content ppm <30
2 The refrigerant R717
3 Cooling capacity Kcal/kW 56000/65
4 Compressed air pressure Megapa Megapa
Air consumption l/min 3.5
tube Millimeter 6
5 Piping system (frame size) Feed tube Millimeter 6
Drain pipe Millimeter 25
Return air duct Millimeter 38
Return air duct Millimeter 76
Hot ammonia tube Millimeter 22
Empty pipe Millimeter 22
Safety pipe Millimeter 22
6 power Accumulator motor kilowatt 27
Feed pump motor kilowatt 22
Power standard phase/V/Hz 3/ 400/ 50
7 Dimensions (length × width × height) Meter 2.5×0.9×2.1
8 weight Ton 2.0
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