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3 great therapeutic value of ice cream
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Ice cream is a cool delicacy that we must eat in summer. Delicious, cool and sweet make everyone love ice cream. Many people think that ice cream is just a food that satisfies the appetite, and has no nutritional value. This is quite wrong. Sweet and delicious ice cream still has therapeutic value. Today I will explain to you one by one.

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1. Strong brain:

Ice cream is mainly composed of 3 ingredients, of which fat accounts for 7% to 16%, sucrose 14% to 20%, protein accounts for 3% to 4%. The fat contained in ice cream mainly comes from milk and eggs. A lot of lecithin can release choline, which is helpful to improve people's memory.


2. Quenching thirst:

The ice cream has a pleasant taste, delicate and smooth, cool and delicious, and various colors. It can not only help the body cool down and relieve heat, provide water, but also supplement some nutrition for the body. Therefore, ice cream is very popular in the hot season.

3. Balanced nutrition:

Fat-soluble vitamins in fat are also easily absorbed by the body. Ice cream contains sugar, which is composed of lactose in milk and various fruit juices, fructose in fruit pulp and sucrose. Among them, organic acids, tannins and various vitamins can provide the human body with the required nutrients.

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