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3 reasons of ice cream equipment can’t refrigeration
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The ice cream equipment should have the refrigeration quality. But sometimes it will have some problems of refrigeration. If you have some problem with this aspect, you just need to read the following article, and I believe you will know about the ice cream equipment refrigeration.

Ice cream freezing machine

1. Compressor failure


Ice cream equipment is not refrigeration may be the compressor overheating protector is broken, but there is no problem with the unit, it may also be the compressor reimbursement. In this case, it is best to carefully check and repair the leakage point, and then vacuum dry, refill with qualified refrigerator refrigerant.


2. Pipeline jam


If the air is not clean when vacuuming, or contains water, causing ice. Especially has the maintenance display cabinet, very easy to appear the pipeline jam. Putting your ear close to the evaporator doesn't make any noise, nor does it help to warm the outlet, indicating that the system is clogged.


3. Pipeline leak


If the refrigeration pipe perforation leakage, it will cause the freezing performance decline gradually. It is economical and convenient to use detergent to check the leakage of refrigeration pipes first. The detergent is applied to the pipeline joint and the linear root of the compressor seal, which is easy to find and easy to repair.


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