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Introduction about 3 types of ice cream filling machine
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In many ice cream plants we many use the ice cream equipment which called ice cream filling machine. This machine can help us do the ice cream filling job into containers like cups,cones and so on.In this article, we are going to talk about the ice cream filling machine types which called rotary ice cream filling machine, linear ice cream filling machine and callipo filling machine. Let’s read now!

 BGJ-6A Ice Cream Filling Machine

1. Rotary ice cream filling machine

Rotary ice cream filling machine specially designed for filling ice cream like cones, cups, single, dual-colored fancy novelties of ice cream such as topped novelties, spiral novelties. Its multiple functions include automatically dispersing containers, lid-pressing for cones(paper lid, plastic lid), heat sealing paper lid for paper cups, printing the produce date.


General working process of rotary ice cream filling machine:


Dispense cup/cone - First filler - secondary Spiral filling - spray chocolate - add nuts - lid both for cone or cup - print date - push out products.


2. Linear ice cream filling machine

Linear ice cream filling machine is multifunctional filling equipment that can fill ice cream with multiple heads through intermittent rectilinear movement. It mainly produces cone ice cream, cup ice cream, cornetto ice cream, container ice cream, rotary ice cream, double color, triple color ice cream, jam ice cream, chocolate ice cream, plane cutting products. High quality linear ice cream filling machine uses manipulator with functions of automatic cup falling, cover adding, cover pressing, feeding, ect. It adopts PLC computer control and mechanical Mechanical  control.


3. Callipo filling and sealing machine is a simple machine for fill ice cream or liquid ice water into callipo tube with different capacity.


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