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3 types of ice cream freezer machine
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We all know that if you want to eat ice cream, you have to go through the ice cream freezing process. Do you know how ice cream is frozen? In this case, the indispensable ice cream equipment is the ice cream freezer machine. The following article will tell you about the 3 types of ice cream freezer machine. Just read now!

 Ice cream freezer machine

Ice cream freezer machine can be roughly divided into three types: compressor refrigeration, semiconductor refrigeration and ice bucket refrigeration (semi-automatic).


Among them, the compressor has the best cooling, large power, and obvious cooling effect, but the price is relatively high. Semiconductor cooling is cheap, but the cooling effect is not very good. The ice bucket is a fool-type cooling principle. You need to put a bucket with a liquid layer in the refrigerator 10 hours in advance and take it out after 8 hours. You can only make one bucket at a time by using the frozen liquid in the bucket to cool. The advantage of occupying the freezer is that it is cheap.


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