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5 effects of ice cream emulsifiers
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Ice cream is a kind of frozen dairy products, belongs to the solid cold drinks food category. Its rich nutrition and unique taste was welcomed by the majority of consumers. The mixing and freezing conditions of ice cream which made by the ice cream equipment are important factors in creating delicious ice cream, but the effect of emulsifier is also a key factor.

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The amount of emulsifier added in ice cream made by ice cream equipment is generally between 0.1% and 0.4%, and its effect can be summarized as follows:


1. Improve the dispersion of fat in the mixture, make the fat particles evenly distributed, and improve the stability of ice cream emulsion.


2. Promote the interaction between fat and protein in ice cream, stabilize the emulsion, and help control the adhesion and condensation of fat in ice cream making.


3. Improve air mixing, improve the ability of ice cream foaming.


4. Prevent and control the formation of thick ice crystals during ice cream making to improve the heat resistance of ice cream.


5. Prevent shrinkage and deformation of ice cream during storage and improve the melting property.


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