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About Ice cream quick freezing tunnel
Time:2021-08-25 Source:Wuxi Danxiao Machinery Hits:

At present, my country's quick-frozen food has been formed from the freezing chain E of production enterprises, retail stores, and families. The development prospects of the frozen and refrigerated food industry are very broad. With the development of the frozen and refrigerated food industry, the tunnel freezer will also do a lot!


Frozen tunnels are also known as tunnel-type quick-freezing machines. Similar to the principle of quick-freezing warehouses, they can be divided into mesh belt type and slab belt type according to the different types of conveyor belts used. They can also be divided into smooth quick-freezing tunnels and spiral quick-freezing tunnels.


Features of ice cream quick-freezing tunnel:

1. The airflow organization is well controlled, and the heat exchange efficiency is high.


2. Conveyor belt frequency conversion speed regulation, adapt to different products.


3. The storage temperature is controlled below -35to improve the hardening effect.


4. High degree of automation, strong continuous operation and large output.

SDA-600 Ice Cream Quick Frozen Tunnel



SDA-600 Ice Cream Quick Freezing Tunnel

The ice cream quick-freezing channel is mainly suitable for making various shapes of ice cream in the frozen food industry. The production line can be used to make ice cream of different shapes, patterned cones, double-layer ice cream, horizontal squeeze rotating ice cream and cake ice cream, etc. If equipped with a robot, it can also be used to spread chocolate on the ice cream inside. Equipped with a freezer, a manipulator, and a packaging machine, it will form a complete set of production lines for the entire process of freezing forming, quick-freezing hardening, manipulator clamping, automatic packaging machine discharging, and packaging. The entire production process does not require manual operation.


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