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About ice cream freezer
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Ice cream freezer is an ideal machine for large-scale continuous production of soft ice cream in the frozen food industry. Equipped with specially designed steamer to achieve good freezing effect and stable product quality. In addition, the delivery speed of the delivery pump is adjusted by the frequency converter, and the operation is simple and reliable. If the discharge volume and discharge expansion valve are properly adjusted, high-quality soft ice cream with loose structure and fine texture can be continuously produced.


This machine has an independent refrigeration system. It adopts imported parts and imported composite freezing medium, which has the advantages of high efficiency and low energy consumption.


In addition, the machine is equipped with easy-to-operate swelling adjustment device, efficient and practical self-cleaning ice cream delivery pump, stable and reliable freezing system (all equipped with internationally renowned brand freezing control valves) to ensure its stability and reliability. Efficient production of high-quality ice cream. It can be used for both manual filling and large-scale automatic production lines.

BNJ-600 Ice Cream Freezing Machine


BNJ series ice cream freezer is the ideal equipment for large-scale continuous soft ice cream production. Mix and freeze materials and air to make ice cream, which can continuously and automatically produce high-quality ice cream, reducing processing costs.


working principle

Ice cream raw materials and appropriate air enter the freezing drum through the gear pump, and the Freon compressor starts to refrigerate. The scraper in the freezing drum starts to mix the material and air, and the stainless steel blade scrapes the frozen ice cream on the inner wall, and then the ice cream is discharged through the discharge pump.


An ice cream freezer, including a frame in which a freezing pipe is installed, a cooling system, a piping system with pumps and valves for introducing ingredients into the freezing pipe, and a piping system with a pump for freezing. The finished ice cream is taken out of the tube, used to drive the motor of the freezing tube and pump, and several indicators for recording parameters, such as pressure, temperature, and flow. It is characterized in that the freezing tube is arranged under other elements and cooling The system is set up closest to the freezing pipe.

BNJ300 Ice Cream Freezing Machine


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