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Advantages of rotating stick ice cream machine
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Rotary Stick Ice Cream Machine bar ice cream maker offers different capacities and different degrees of automation. The rotating design of the rotating bar's novel freezer saves space, avoids the inversion of the mold, and minimizes the loss of product and salt water. The brine system is completely closed, so the brine cannot enter the mold and contaminate the product.


The rotating line is designed to meet the requirements of a flexible and reliable molding machine. It runs at the optimum speed for high capacity, ensuring stable and reliable production. By combining with the packaging machine, you can get high efficiency.

RXGJ-3 Rotary Stick Ice Cream Machine

We supply a variety of filling equipment for the production of various rod-shaped novelty products. Easily accommodate large amounts of inclusions, such as fruits, nuts, chocolate, wine gums, and provide unlimited opportunities to increase the attractive value of new products. If needed, you can coat the stick with chocolate and dry ingredients after extraction from the mold.


Rotary series color ice cream machine is wholly made with stainless steel,it was jointed by double annular tanks,has a compact structure and nice appearance, and with characteristics of taking little space and easy cleaning. The structure of round-tank type always keeps moulds inside brine tank,which will help to save ice cream raw materials and decrease energy using. Machine adopts compressed air dive which processes smooth and with the function of multi-point failure detfction and protection.PLC control and human-machine interface operation makes the machine to achieve high efficiency running andsuitable for large-scale and various ice cream producyion, it's the latest generation of energy conservation and environmental protection products.


Danxiao Machinery specializes in the production of cold drink complete sets of equipment, with a history of more than ten years. With a group of talents who have been engaged in this industry for a long time, the technical force is strong. The testing method is strict, the processing equipment is excellent, and the CNC machine tool is used for manufacturing and processing. The perfect quality management system and warm and thoughtful after-sales service have made the company's products widely praised by customers all over the country and even abroad.If you need rotary stick ice cream machine,please contact us.

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