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Advantages of Stick Ice Cream Machine
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Rotary series color ice cream machine is made of stainless steel as a whole, connected by double ring tanks, compact structure, beautiful appearance, small space occupation, easy cleaning and so on. The round tank structure always keeps the mold in the brine tank, which helps to save ice cream raw materials and reduce energy consumption. The machine adopts compressed air for diving, the process is stable, and it has multi-point fault detection and protection functions. PLC control and man-machine interface operation enable the machine to run with high efficiency. It is suitable for large-scale and various ice cream production. It is the latest generation of energy-saving and environmentally friendly products.

RXGJ-6 Rotary Stick Ice Cream Machine


Provide rotary production lines with different capacities and different degrees of automation. The rotating design of the Rotary stick ice cream machine saves space, avoids the inversion of the mold, and minimizes the loss of product and salt water. The brine system is completely closed, and the brine cannot enter the mold and contaminate the product.


The rotary production line is designed to meet the requirements of a flexible and reliable molding machine. It runs at optimal speed and high capacity to ensure stable and reliable production. By combining with the packaging machine, you can get very high efficiency.


We provide a variety of filling equipment for the production of various stick ice cream products. Easily accommodate large inclusions, such as fruits and chocolates, providing unlimited opportunities to increase the attractive value of new products.

SDA-600 Ice Cream Quick Frozen Tunnel


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