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Advantages of ice cream quick freezing tunnel
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The quick-freezing link is the key to the distribution of ice cream. Choosing the right quick-freezing equipment is the guarantee of product quality for ice cream manufacturers and ice cream processors.
Today, what is the quick-freezing equipment also called quick-freezing tunnel? What are the advantages?

Ice cream quick-freezing tunnel is also called ice cream hardening tunnel. It is a kind of equipment suitable for large-scale production of large-scale quick-frozen foods, such as ice cream and frozen seafood. Quick freezing tunnel Simple operation, high automation, high continuity, reduced manual work, suitable for fully automatic production mode, if combined with other ice cream equipment, it can become A complete ice cream production line.

The use of a quick-freezing tunnel production line to freeze raw materials for ice cream can increase the production efficiency per unit time and the quick-freezing capacity. Compared to traditional freezing methods, The quick-freezing tunnel does not damage the cell wall of the ice cream and does not lose tissue fluid, and can maintain the original color, original taste and quality of the ice cream.

The advantages of the ice cream quick-freezing tunnel:

The quick-freezing time is fast and the effect is excellent, which effectively reduces the time for producing ice cream.
The quick-freezing time is short, and the production yield is high.
Low temperature effectively prevents bacterial growth.
The frozen ice cream is of high quality and good taste.
The fresh-keeping time of ice cream produced by the quick freezing tunnel is 3 times longer than that of traditional freezing.
The main thing is that the quick-freezing tunnel is safe, environmentally friendly, easy to clean, and has low maintenance costs.
Ice Cream Harding Tunnel
With so many advantages of ice cream quick-freezing tunnels, manufacturers have your ice cream production equipment been updated? Danxiao Machinery has been producing ice cream quick-freezing tunnels for many years. Welcome all ice cream manufacturers to consult.
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