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Attention! 3 tips of buying ice cream equipment
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If we want to produce the delicious ice cream, the most important thing is to own a high quality ice cream equipment. But how to choose the high quality ice cream equipment? In this article, we are going to talk about how to buy the high quality ice cream equipment.

 Ice Cream Quick Frozen Tunnel

Here are the 3tips of buying ice cream equipment:


1. The ice cream equipment should have a good and stable puffing rate

The puffing rate of the ice cream equipment mainly depends on the quality of the compressor, the price of a good compressor and a bad compressor is very different, which leads to the difference of the ice cream machine price. A good ice cream equipment puffing rate can greatly reduce the cost of making ice cream.


2. The stable freezing performance of ice cream freezing machine will show a good effect.


3. High production. In general, the larger the number of labels, the stronger the production capacity of the ice cream equipment. To put it simply, the larger the output per unit of time. The more ice cream you make naturally. This is a key indicator.


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