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Classification of frozen tunnels
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Frozen tunnels are also known as tunnel-type quick-freezing machines. Similar to the principle of quick-freezing warehouses, they can be divided into mesh belt type and slab belt type according to the different types of conveyor belts used. They can also be divided into smooth quick-freezing tunnels and spiral quick-freezing tunnels.


Spiral quick-freezing tunnel:

Single spiral quick-freezing tunnel: suitable for meat, prepared food, aquatic products, dishes, ice cream, etc. Small footprint and high efficiency. The output of low input and high output or high input and low output of the material inlet and outlet is 500-1500kg/h.


Double spiral quick-freezing tunnel: It is suitable for quick-frozen foods with long freezing time or large E production such as meat, prepared foods, aquatic products, dishes, ice cream and so on. The material inlet and outlet can be provided in various directions according to the process requirements of the user's workshop; the inlet and outlet are low in and low out. The output is 1000-3000kg/h.

BGJ-4A Ice Cream Filling Machine


Quick-freezing tunnel for ice cream: in the form of single-chain double-rotating tray, suitable for quick-freezing ice cream dumplings, etc.


The principle of quick-freezing tunnels is the same as that of quick-freezing warehouses. The biggest difference is that quick-freezing tunnels can achieve continuous quick-freezing work and improve production efficiency. The entry and exit of the goods in the quick-freezing cold storage needs to be achieved manually. The food to be quick-frozen is placed in the cold storage, the refrigeration equipment is turned on, and the food is quickly cooled and frozen; when the food is frozen, the refrigeration equipment is shut down, which is also required at this time. Manually move the goods out and transfer them to low-temperature cold storage or other places. However, the quick-freezing tunnel can save the manual handling process. The goods are transported into the tunnel through the conveyor belt. The goods are quickly frozen after passing through the tunnel, and then transported out for the next step of the cylinder sequence. The food is frozen through the quick-freezing tunnel. As long as the goods continuously enter the tunnel and there is continuous heat generation, the refrigeration unit will run straight until the goods stop transporting, and the unit will automatically shut down according to the temperature in the tunnel. It not only improves the utilization rate and production efficiency of the equipment, but also saves the electric energy consumed by the frequent start-up of the unit, which plays a role of energy saving.

SDA-600 Ice Cream Quick Frozen Tunnel


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