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Common sense in soft ice cream making
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Who else will unlike ice cream? I think ice cream may bring me happiness. Today, we will talk about some common sense in soft ice cream making. You may learn more about ice cream making.

 ice cream equipment

1. The more water you add, the more ice cream you make? This is a misunderstanding of understanding, the number of cakes is only related to the swelling rate. Some of the ingredients in the ice cream powder can make the ice cream expand in volume and taste loose. If water is added too much, it will reduce the concentration of the active ingredients, thus reducing the swelling rate of ice cream, and prone to ice residue, serious damage to the ice cream equipment.


2. why there is ice residue? One reason is that there is too much water. Second, the slurry is not evenly stirred and sufficient stirring time is required. Third, you don’t leave enough standing time. After mixing evenly, the paste needs to be left standing for more than 15 minutes, so that the cake is more delicate, better puffing effect. After cleaning the ice cream equipment, the water in the cylinder block is not discharged clean. The ice cream equipment or powder used is of poor quality, resulting in a low swelling rate of ice cream, and more ice residue.


3. Please pay attention to the cleaning and disinfection of the ice cream equipment ice cream contains rich nutrients, easily affected by microbial infection and deterioration. If the ice cream residue in the ice cream ice cream equipment is not thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, it will endanger the health of consumers. Please adhere to the daily cleaning and disinfection of the ice cream equipment, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.


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