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Cone ice cream production process
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In addition to the stick ice cream, occasionally can also have the luxury of a super crispy delicious cone ice cream! The nice creamy ice cream, rolled in a crispy cone, topped with a few nuts and a few drops of chocolate. In the summer without air conditioning, eat a cone ice cream, is the imagination of luxury! Today, we will talk about the cone ice cream production process.

Cone Ice Cream

1. Baked cone

The ingredients of the cone are not very different from those of a waffle and are easy to make. All the production process is on the automatic cone ice cream machine. Squeeze out a fixed amount of batter and cover tightly between two baking sheets. Use low heat and slow bake for about a minute.

2. Edge shape

Using a small cone Ice cream manipulator processing with negative pressure, move the golden cake over. The freshly baked cakes are soft and crisp when cooled. Anyone who's ever been baked knows that. While the softness is high, immediately curl the whole shape.

3. Cooling to finalize the design

The curling cones have a long, long way to go to cool down, then become crispy and pleasant. The cone Ice cream manipulator processing arranges them at regular intervals.

4. Filling the ice cream

After filling with ice cream by the cone Ice cream manipulator processing, cover with a round lid. The cone ice cream's round head is forced out. They will soon meet you at the store.

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