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Considerations when choosing ice cream ingredients
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We often eat ice cream, but you know what ice cream ingredients are? Generally speaking, the ingredients of ice cream are mainly dairy products. And this dairy product, some brands use ice cream powder, some use fresh milk slurry.


Today we are going to talk about considerations when choosing ice cream ingredients. if you are interested, just read the following article.

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1. We should see the positioning. Comparing the price, we can know that the cost of finished milk is several times that of ice cream powder. The taste of finished milk is better than that of ice cream powder.


2. It is related to the performance of the ice cream equipment used. As the saying goes, a good horse with a good saddle, a good ice cream material should also have a good ice cream equipment, ice cream paste in the fat content is relatively high, so the refrigeration performance of the ice cream equipment has a high demand. Generally imported equipment are used more, most of the domestic ice cream equipment are low-end machines, only a small number of high-end machines. But the comprehensive performance and price, most of the domestic choice of higher cost performance Danxiao Machinery ice cream equipment. The ice cream not only tastes good but also has no ice in it. It melts in your mouth.


3. In terms of storage, ice cream powder can be kept out of the light for up to 1 year, while fresh milk must be stored in cold storage, and the storage period is generally 3 months. The shelf life of milk slurry made from pure fresh milk is less than 1 month or even several weeks, depending on the sterilization method adopted. However, there is no inventory problem when homemade milk slurry is prepared by hand, and it can be stored for 5-7 days if it needs to be stored in cold storage.


4. Food safety, whether it's ice cream milk powder or paste, ice cream equipment is not completely sterile condition, so the bacteria under appropriate temperature and time will start breeding, dairy products are easy to rotten, so the higher the quality of ice cream products demand for ice cream equipment, the higher the precooling generally need to be equipped with features of the ice cream equipment.


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