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Danxiao ice cream extrusion line
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Winter is coming, spring is coming, can summer be far behind? Do you miss the life of eating ice cream in a free room, anyway, I will, after all, who can not love delicious ice cream! That ’s a problem. Do you know how to make ice cream? I definitely don't know, let's understand together.

Here, we will talk about a magic machine—ice cream extrusion line. It is a very large machine, so it has many components, including a motor, an electric lifter, an ice cream dispenser and an ice cream dispenser. The most important thing is the electric lifting rod and the motor. These two parts work together, basically an ice cream comes out.

ice cream extrusion line

Picture of ice cream extrusion line

It's very simple to listen to, and I'm very excited about the ice cream extruder. If you can own one, you can have delicious ice cream at home every day. However, it is difficult to achieve. Most of the better ice cream extruders are large commercial machines. There is an excellent company here-Wuxi Danxiao Machinery Co., Ltd., which is a very high quality stainless steel ice cream maker manufacturer. Danxiao has rich experience in the industry and has the technical support of many researchers. It is a commercial ice cream machine worthy of priority consideration.

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