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Different types of industrial ice cream machine(2020 for sell)
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There are different types of Ice Cream Machines available in the market , with the help of industrial ice cream machine. There is one of the most excellent ways to got your favorite flavor Ice cream is using an Ice Cream machine to make. 

different types of Ice Cream

According to the users

The Ice cream machines available in the different types include an external drum, an inner container and a churn to mix the elements and keep the ice cream from cold solid. 

1)homemade ice cream machines

 freezes, mix little particles separately. Homemade ice cream makers use rock salt and ice to cold the mixture, while 

homemade ice cream machines

2)Commercial machines 

includes of electromechanical freezing methods. Moreover, professional ice cream machines include an independent heavy duty refrigeration compressor and make many dishes continuously. Thus, these machines are safe, easy to clean and use and make a superb ice cream within 20-25 minutes.

industrial hard ice cream machine

According to the form

1)industrial soft ice serve cream machine

Soft ice cream is mainly due to the difference in the production process, that is, the ice cream raw materials are quick-frozen and are made on site. The temperature is generally minus 6 degrees to minus 8 degrees. 

Soft serve machines are a type of Ice cream machines that makes soft ice cream as compared to normal ice cream machines. With soft serve machines, this is accomplished with a special machine at point of sale. It is important to soft serve ice cream machine should be clean on a daily basis with hot water.

2)industrial hard ice cream machine

Hard ice cream, in the production, the product temperature is minus 3 degrees, and then put into the quick-frozen fragrant temperature of minus 15 degrees to minus 25 degrees for forming.

According to the shape of ice cream

it is divided into ice cube, cup ice cream, cone ice cream, special-shaped ice cream and decorative ice cream.
industrial mochi ice cream machine

What is cone-shaped ice cream? That is, ice cream is divided into cones and hardened. Shaped ice cream refers to putting ice cream into a special-shaped container during production. Decorating ice cream mainly emphasizes the decorative effect and practicality, such as ice cream cakes and so on.


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The ice cream quick frozen channel is mainly suitable for making ice cream of various shapes in the frozen food industry. The production line can be used to manufacture ice cream of different shapes, patterned ice cream cones, double ice cream, horizontal extrusion and rotation ice cream, and cake ice cream. If equipped with a robot, it can also be used to spread chocolate on the ice cream and stick it on the ice cream with a stick. Equipped with a freezer, manipulator and packaging machine, a complete production line is formed, which completes the entire process of freeze forming, rapid freeze hardening, manipulator fixing, automatic packaging machine discharge and packaging. In the entire production process of the ice cream quick frozen tunnel, manual operation is not required, which provides good sanitary conditions for food production.

 SDA-980 Ice Cream Quick Frozen Tunnelice cream quick frozen tunnel

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