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Differences between the way of hard and soft ice cream making
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If you like ice cream, you must have your favourite type of ice cream. Will you choose the hard ice cream or the soft ice cream? I think you must like one type of them. Today, we are going to talk about the difference between the way of hard and soft ice cream making. If you are interested, just read the following article.

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Soft ice cream has less milk fat and more air than hard ice cream. If soft ice cream has the right amount of air, it will have a whitish color. When air is added, the ice cream becomes fluffy and the large molecules allow it to reflect white light, which makes it appear the white color. This white color means the ice cream is of a better quality than soft ice cream with less air. If the ice cream does not have enough air, it will take on a yellowish color.


When air is added to soft ice cream as it is frozen, it also affects the taste and texture. Soft ice cream with more air is smoother and creamier.


An ice cream freezer machine freezes the soft ice cream quickly to the optimal temperature. The  ice cream freezer machine does not allow soft ice cream to freeze as much and get as hard as regular ice cream. Hard ice cream is usually served at -12 degrees Celsius. Soft ice cream is served at -6 degrees Celsius. A difference of only 6 degrees makes soft ice cream much softer and creamier than its harder cousin.


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