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Do you know handmade ice cream
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Hand-made ice cream is different from the factory assembly line production method and is made by hand. It generally refers to the Italian-style handmade ice cream. Handmade ice cream is made of pure natural ingredients, no additives, delicious and healthy.


Hand-made ice cream generally refers to Italian-style hand-made ice cream. Handwork, as the name suggests, is different from the factory assembly line production method using manual production. Although the production process of modern handmade ice cream is always assisted by machinery and equipment, because of the uniqueness of the base material, seasoning, decoration and throughout the entire production process, each ice cream shop and each chef can form a different style. This is industrialization. The ice cream products produced on the assembly line of the workshop are indistinguishable in terms of taste, quality and freshness.

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As a delicacy, handmade ice cream has been loved by more and more people for its unique charm of freshness, health and fashion. The handmade ice cream market has a very broad prospect.


Hand-made ice cream is divided into two categories according to different materials:

1. Milk is the base ice cream. Made from fresh milk and high-quality fruits using traditional Italian techniques. In the production process, the technology focuses on freshness and moderate richness, and low sugar and low fat. Milk is not used to enhance its rich taste, but a moderate air content is required. Because of low fat and low air content, its weight is basically the weight of the ingredients. It tastes good, full-bodied, silky as satin, and fruity fragrance.


2. Water-based ice cream. The biggest difference from the former is that it contains neither milk nor fat, but 100% fruit. If the former is compared to a gorgeous peony, the latter is like a fresh lotus. Water is the base material, fresh fruit is the main material, and the finished product is made with incredible manual skills. This fat-free ice cream tastes really delicious. Because there is no drop of milk, it tastes fresher and purer than Italian ice cream that contains a certain amount of air, and is not as thick and sticky. The freshness and aroma of the fruit are also very well preserved.

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Because ice cream is rich in milk and eggs, the problem of cholesterol needs to be considered, and patients with high blood lipids should eat less. Most people eat one ice cream a day at most.


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