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Do you know the ice cream production process?
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In the hot summer, everyone will choose to eat ice cream to relieve the heat. Do you know how the ice cream in the store is produced? In the next article, we will discuss the production process of ice cream in the future. If you want to know, just keep reading!
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The purpose of sterilization: through sterilization, to kill the propagule and spores of pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacteria to a very small number, and destroy the mycin produced by microorganisms to ensure the safety of use.
Purpose of homogenization: The purpose of homogenization is to miniaturize the fat globules in the mixture to prevent the formation of the cream layer, to completely mix the ingredients, to improve the texture of ice cream, shorten the maturation time, save emulsifiers and thickeners, and effectively Prevent the formation of butter particles during the freezing process. High temperature homogenization, the fat globules of the mixture have less chance of agglomeration, which has the effect of reducing the consistency and shortening the maturation time, but it also has the defect of heating odor. The purpose and function of cooling: to prevent the fat from floating up. Too high temperature of the mixture will increase the sourness and affect the fragrance. Physical maturation is conducive to aging. The effect of aging: It can increase the hydration of fat coagulum with protein and stabilizer, increase the viscosity, and improve the expansion rate during stirring. In addition, due to the reduction of water content, it can prevent the formation of larger ice crystals during freezing and can change the texture of ice cream.
Stabilizer and emulsifier
Improve the viscosity of the mixture and the expansion rate of ice cream, prevent or inhibit the growth of ice crystals, improve the melting resistance and shape retention, and improve the shape and structure of the ice cream. Gelatin is commonly used as a stabilizer. CMC, guar gum, carrageenan, xanthan gum, locust bean gum, etc. Ice cream has a relatively high fat content, especially when fats such as hardened oil, margarine, and cream are added. The addition of emulsifiers can improve the hydrophilicity of the fat, increase the homogenization efficiency, and thereby improve the texture of the ice cream.
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