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Factors affecting the taste of home ice cream
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The ice cream we bought outside tasted particularly delicious, in fact, there are many factors that determine its taste. So what are the factors that affect the family's ice cream?


The taste of home-made ice cream depends on the size of the ice crystals when the formula is determined. For ice cream, the smaller the ice crystals, the better. To make ice crystals smaller, you need more crystal nuclei. The commonly used method is: stabilizer + low temperature quick freezing + frequent stirring.


Stabilizers are generally polysaccharide gums, such as carrageenan, guar gum, etc. You can see additives in many beverages and foods. These materials have good water absorption and can convert the free water in ice cream into binding Water prevents the formation of ice crystals and also serves as a thickening agent. In household practice, you can add some starch, but not too much, or it will taste raw starch. In industry, modified starch is generally used. If you are playing baking at home, you can add some agar, gelatin, tartar and the like.

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Low temperature quick freezing can make ice crystals smaller. When most food drops from -1°C to -5°C, nearly 80% of the water can freeze into ice. This temperature range is called the "maximum ice crystal formation zone". Therefore, the main point of making ice cream is to use the fastest speed Ice cream passes through the "maximum ice crystal formation zone".


In foreign high-end restaurants, liquid nitrogen is used to make ice cream, which can be completed in one minute. The temperature of liquid nitrogen is -196 degrees.


Industrial production is relatively easy to perform quick freezing. In meat processing, in order to avoid ice crystals from destroying cell membranes, low temperature quick freezing is also used. Generally, the temperature is around -25 to -35 to ensure that the center is within 30 minutes. The temperature reaches -18 degrees.


At home, the freezing temperature of most refrigerators is around -15 degrees. It is difficult to avoid the "maximum ice crystal formation zone". You can first put a container with a large heat capacity in the refrigerator to pre-cool.

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There are also ice cream freezer buckets outside. It doesn’t matter if there is none. I saw that in the recipes, there is a cast iron pan that is first frozen in the refrigerator, and then used to fill the ice cream paste.


Stirring in freezing is very important. It can break up large ice crystals and form more crystal nuclei. The ice cream machine uses continuous mixing. As for family practices, general recipes suggest that they be beaten every hour, three to four times.


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