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Factors affecting the taste of ice cream
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In the hot summer, it is very pleasant to have a cool ice cream at this time. The moment you bite the ice cream, a variety of sensations will flood your taste buds. When the ice cream on the tongue gradually melts, the brain will record the body's feelings at that time-fullness or lightness-and the silky feeling left by the cream. It tastes hard and cold, or soft and warm-or somewhere in between.


This feast for the senses is called mouthfeel. Taste has a huge impact on the experience of ice cream quality, and it is a key differentiating factor,” said Torben Vilsgaard, manager of Tetra Pak Ice Cream Academy in Aarhus, Denmark.


He added that the taste and sensory properties of ice cream will determine whether consumers like it. "The taste is the moment when the truth emerges, and it is the touchstone of the product."

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4 factors that affect taste


In essence, the taste embodies the four key elements that jointly support the consumer experience: structure, body, edible characteristics and silky and delicate feeling.


1. The structure of ice cream can be long or short. For example, a typical flat-top vanilla chocolate cone is thinner and more elastic than handmade ice cream or supermarket pack ice cream. Handmade ice cream or supermarket pack ice cream will feel drier, crisper, and shorter in your mouth.


2. Taste is the impression left by ice cream when it enters the mouth. It can be thick and thick, or light and thin, depending on the type and characteristics of the product.


3. Edible characteristics come from the perceived temperature and irritation of the product. When eating ice-cold, irritating ice cream, if you eat too fast, people will encounter the familiar "brain freeze" moment. Ice cream at the other end of the spectrum is thought to have warmer and softer eating characteristics.

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4. When the ice cream melts, it will leave a silky and delicate feeling in the mouth. The silky and delicate feeling will change with the size of ice crystals and bubbles. The smaller the ice crystals and bubbles, the silkier and finer the feeling.


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