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Five main steps of ice cream production
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The production and processing of ice cream is mainly divided into five steps: raw material blending, homogenization, sterilization, maturation, and hardening. Let's take a look at the specific steps and precautions for each step.


1. The combination of raw materials

In order to make the product meet the requirements of the standard and have a stable product quality, the raw materials must be standardized and the raw material matching table must be made. When making a blending table, generally 100kg is the unit, and the blending amount of various raw materials is the blending ratio (%).


2. Homogenization

The purpose of homogenization is to miniaturize the fat globules in the mixture to about 1 gm to prevent the formation of a cream layer, so that the ingredients are completely mixed, improve the texture of ice cream, shorten the maturation time, save emulsifiers and thickeners, and effectively Prevent the formation of cream particles during the freezing process.

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3. Sterilization

The mixture can be sterilized by different methods, such as low-temperature intermittent sterilization, high-temperature short-term sterilization, and ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization. Low-temperature batch sterilization, the usual sterilization method is 68 for 30 minutes or 75 for 15 minutes. If the thickener sodium alginate is used in the mixture, it is better to heat it at 70°C for more than 20 minutes.


4. Mature

The sterilized mixture should be quickly cooled to 0-4, and kept at this temperature for a certain period of time for physical maturation. During the maturation process, due to the solidification of fat and the increase in viscosity, the expansion rate of the finished product can be increased, and the tissue state of the finished product can be improved. This is because in the homogenized ice cream mixture, the surface area of the fat globules has been greatly increased, which enhances the adsorption capacity of the fat globules at the interface of the solution. In the presence of emulsifiers such as lecithin, the fat is in the mixture. Can form a relatively stable emulsion. As the volume of the dispersed phase increases, the viscosity of the emulsion increases accordingly, so that the foam formed during the freezing process is tougher, creating conditions for ice cream foaming.


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5. Hardening

In order to ensure the quality and facilitate sales and transportation, the frozen ice cream must be quickly frozen at low temperature (-25~-40°C) for 10-12 hours after being filled and packaged to fix the texture of the ice cream and keep it appropriate The hardness, that is, the hardening of ice cream. The pros and cons of hardening are closely related to quality. If the hardening is rapid, the ice cream will melt less, the ice crystals in the structure will be fine, and the finished product will be fine; if the hardening is slow, part of the ice cream will melt, the ice crystals will be coarse and many, the finished product will have rough texture and poor quality.


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