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Hardening and storage of ice cream
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Ice cream is in a semi-solid state after freezing, so it must be hardened in order to be sold on the market. The so-called hardening refers to the hardening of the ice cream by placing it in a -20~-25C cold storage or other freezer to continue to complete the tissue state of the ice cream and maintain the proper hardness. This is the hardening of the ice cream. If the frozen ice cream cannot be cooled and hardened in time, the temperature of the ice cream will rise and melt, forming coarse ice crystals, and even reducing the volume of gas leakage, which reduces the quality of ice cream.


There are many factors that affect quick freezing. For example, the ingredients of ice cream generally have low fat content and high freezing point (the ice cream discharge temperature is low). The quick freezing time can be shortened, and vice versa. In terms of packaging size, the smaller the ice cream packaging, the faster the heat transfer, and it is easier to meet the requirements of quick freezing. The thermal conductivity and color of the packaging container (dark color is better) are also related to quick freezing. Secondly, the quick-freezing effect is also affected by the way the ice cream is stacked. Do not lean the product too tightly, and there must be a gap in the middle to allow cold air to circulate. If an air cooler is installed indoors, the quick freezing time can be shortened.

BGJ-4A Ice Cream Filling Machine


When the ice cream is hardened, it should not be stacked too densely, and it should be able to fully contact with cold air. Otherwise, the hardening speed is too slow, which will affect the product quality.


The hardened ice cream should be kept in a cold storage at -20°C. The relative humidity in the storage should be 85~90%. The storage temperature should not be higher than -18C, otherwise the ice cream will melt and part of the ice cream will be frozen and water will be lost. Even if the temperature drops again, its quality will still appear rough. As the temperature fluctuates up and down, the lactose in the product is promoted to crystallize into sand particles. Therefore, the temperature of storing ice cream must not change from high to low. The storage time of ice cream should not be too long, generally 3 to 6 months. If the storage time is too long, the flavor of ice cream will deteriorate.


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