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How can the quick frozen tunnel be used well?
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The tunnel freezer is a large-scale equipment. If it is improperly operated, it will cause serious damage to the equipment or even scrap the equipment, which cannot be repaired; the main reason for the belt turning is that the product is placed too much or the speed of the two drums is not synchronized, so do not place it in the workshop Too many products, maintenance personnel should pay attention to timely maintenance and replacement of reducers, bearings and chains.


Weekly check whether the conveyor belt chain links are disconnected, whether the mandrel is bent, whether the mesh wire is broken or warped. If there is any damage, the maintenance personnel should be notified to repair or replace it in time. Lubricate the drum bearings in time. It is recommended to replace the drum chain of the tunnel freezer with a usage rate of more than 80% every 12 months.

SDA-600 Ice Cream Quick Frozen Tunnel


During the operation of the tunnel quick-freezer, if there is a failure, the personnel in the computer room should be notified in time to explain the reason, so that the personnel in the computer room can adjust the equipment. It is strictly forbidden to start and stop the tunnel quick-freezer without an operator. When the tunnel quick-freezer is operating normally, it is not allowed to stop the operation of the mesh belt or the fan, otherwise it will cause the quick-freezer to become damp or overloaded.


In the process of handover, it is strictly forbidden for the quick-freezer to run idly when the gear is disconnected, or to trap the product in the quick-freezer of the roadheader, causing energy waste. In case of emergencies such as ammonia leakage, the operator should notify the personnel in the computer room as soon as possible, and the team leader should organize the on-site personnel to evacuate in an orderly manner. The operator and team leader need to be able to use the canister correctly.

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When the flushing tunnel quick-freezer is frosted, turn off the main power switch of the machine and hang a safety warning sign! The operator must first check whether the flush valve is opened correctly, and then notify the personnel in the computer room. After signing, the operator can start the flushing water pump. The equipment room personnel went to the scene to supervise the flushing situation. After flushing, inform the personnel in the computer room to stop the water pump, drain the water in the pipeline, close the defrost water valve, and open the pipeline exhaust valve (to reduce the blockage of the defrost water pipeline, which will affect the next defrost).


Mechanical equipment should be maintained daily to reduce the cost of use and increase the service life of the machinery.


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