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How should we choose ice cream ingredients?
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How should we choose ice cream ingredients? The ice cream powder or the milk? Through this article below, you will get the right perspective and make the right choices.

 ice cream equipment

1. Positioning and cost requirements

We can know from the price comparison that the milk costs several times as much as the ice cream powder, but the flavor is better than the ice cream powder.


2. The ice cream equipment in use

On the basis of good ingredients, we also need to have good ice cream equipment. Milk contains butter fat composition is higher, so the requirements for the refrigeration performance of the ice cream freezing machine are very high. Generally, imported machines are used more, and the quality of domestic machines is uneven, the refrigerating efficiency is relatively inferior to that of imported machines. Therefore, even if the use of good ingredients may not be able to achieve the desired effect.


3. Hygiene requirements

The import machine generally has the automatic sterilization function, but the domestic machine does not. Fresh milk needs to be preserved in cold storage. It belongs to fresh milk products, which are particularly vulnerable to bacterial damage and rancidity. When used improperly, it can affect consumers' physical and mental health and even affect the image of the business. So the domestic ice cream equipment generally uses the ice cream powder as the ingredient.


4. Requirements for storage conditions

Ice cream powder can be stored in the dark for up to 1 year. And the fresh milk must be preserved in cold storage, and the preservation period is generally in 3 months.


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