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How to buy ice cream
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The unqualified products in the past random inspections of ice cream have the following problems: microbiological indicators exceed the standard, the physical and chemical indicators of some products (such as fat content, expansion rate, etc.) do not meet the standard requirements, the lead content exceeds the standard, and the additive exceeds the standard. So how do we buy high-quality ice cream?


7 tips to teach you to buy ice cream:

1. The raw materials and processes of ice cream are sometimes very different. Consumers must first see whether the manufacturer is marked on the package when purchasing.


2. Whether the ice cream is well stored in the freezer below -18°C.


3. Whether the outer packaging is intact, whether there is penetration or defect, otherwise it will cause secondary pollution such as microorganisms.

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4. Whether the expiry date of the product is within the expected date of consumption, etc.


5. Don't be greedy for "color" when buying cold drinks. The brighter the colorful sorbet is, the more pigments you add, and you should stay as far away as possible when buying.


6. Finally, look at whether the shape of the product has changed. If it is deformed, it may be caused by the product being melted and frozen again due to excessive temperature during transportation or storage. This may also cause microorganisms. The reproduction of the fish exceeds the standard, and the taste will become worse.


7. It is recommended that consumers first choose the products of famous brand companies when purchasing, because their quality is guaranteed.

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