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How to pack ice cream into different containers?
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Everyone should have eaten different types of ice cream, right? We can see various types of ice cream in the freezer of a convenience store. Do you know how ice cream is packed into different containers? Today, Wuxi Danxiao Machinery is here to solve this mystery for everyone.


There are various containers for ice cream on the market, such as cup-shaped, cone-shaped, and so on. How to pack ice cream into these containers? In the ice cream factory, we use professional ice cream filling machines, such as linear ice cream filling machines, rotary ice cream filling machines, etc.

 BGJ-4A Ice Cream Filling Machine

The linear ice cream filling machine is a multi-functional filling equipment that can fill multi-head ice cream through intermittent linear motion. It mainly produces cone-shaped ice cream, cup-shaped ice cream, cornet ice cream, container ice cream, rotating ice cream, two-color Luo, three-color ice cream, jam ice cream, chocolate ice cream, aircraft cutting products. The high-quality linear ice cream filling machine adopts a manipulator and has the functions of automatic cup dropping, cup filling, capping, capping and feeding. Using PLC computer control and mechanical control. Danxiao Machinery’s BGJ-4A ice cream filling machine is the multi-functional filling equipment described above, which can fill multi-head ice cream through intermittent linear motion.


Rotary ice cream filling machine, specially designed for filling ice cream, such as cone, cup, single color, two-color fancy novel ice cream, such as top novelty, spiral novelty. Its multiple functions include automatic dispersing container, pressing cone cover (paper cover, plastic cover), paper cover for heat sealing paper cup, etc.

 RXGJ-3 Rotary Stick Ice Cream Machine

The general working process of the rotary ice cream filling machine:


Distribute the cup (cone)-the first filling-the second spiral filling-spray chocolate-add nuts-cone or cup lid-print the date-launch the product.


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