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Hygienic management of ice cream production equipment
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As the temperature rises, cold food and drink have become an indispensable part of people's daily life. Especially ice cream, with its rich nutrition and unique flavor, is very popular among people. Therefore, we must pay attention to the hygienic management of ice cream food and control the "disease from the mouth".

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There are many hygiene problems in the ice cream production process:


1. There is only one-time sterilization during the production process, and no processing is required when eating.


2. At present, the production of ice cream is less closed and automated, and most of the production is a mixture of mechanical and manual operations. The process is complex and there are many opportunities for pollution.


3. Ice cream is rich in nutrients.Under suitable conditions, microorganisms will grow and reproduce rapidly.


It can be seen that doing a good job of hygiene management in the production process is of great significance for improving product quality and preventing the occurrence of diseases. The cleaning and disinfection of ice cream production equipment is a key part of ice cream production.


In order to ensure the hygienic quality of the product and facilitate the cleaning operation, qualified ice cream equipment and tools should be selected first. The production of ice cream should be based on the selection of stainless steel and enamel products, while avoiding "dead corners, slits" and other effects.


Generally speaking, all ice cream equipment and containers need to be cleaned once they are cleaned. The cleaning procedures and methods depend on the equipment type and process requirements. Generally, they are divided into cold processing equipment (such as homogenizer, heat exchanger, freezing machine and filling Machine, etc.) and thermal processing equipment (such as pre-heater and bus sterilizer, etc.) cleaning procedures.


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