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Ice cream anti - shrinkage measures
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When you make the ice cream from the ice cream equipment, do you always meet many questions which keep you from making the tasty and high quality ice cream? If you want to make the high quality ice cream, you must stop and read the following article.

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Ice cream has some common pitfalls, and one of them is the shrinkage of ice cream. There are some main factors affecting ice cream shrinkage during the use of ice cream equipment. I will tell you the anti - shrinkage measures of the ice cream.

1. First, to use the quality of good, low acidity of fresh milk or dairy products as raw materials. When preparing ice cream, age at a low temperature to prevent protein instability.

2. In the ice cream mixture of raw materials, sugar content should not be too high, and should not use starch syrup, in order to prevent freezing point drop.

3. To strictly control the ice cream freezing mixing operation when use the ice cream equipment, to prevent the expansion rate is too high.

4. To strictly control the temperature in the hardening chamber and the cold storage, to prevent temperature rise and fall. Especially when the ice cream expansion rate is higher, more attention should be paid to avoid making the ice cream become soft or melting.

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