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Ice cream equipment FAQ
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When we make ice creamthere are many sometimes something goes wrong and the ice cream is not as good as it should be. There are some frequently asked questions with ice cream equipment. Let’s talk about two of them today.

Ice Cream Machine

1. The ice cream from the ice cream equipment is too soft, so that the molding or molding is not ideal

When the preparation temperature of soft ice cream is about -7~8 degrees, the consistency of ice cream is the best and the molding is the best. After the reasons of improper operation such as improper ratio of ice-cream paste, too low hardness setting and too fast extrusion speed are eliminated. It is necessary to check whether there is a mechanical fault in the soft ice-cream machine unit.

Firstly, check whether the spatula of the mixing shaft in the freezer is damaged. Secondly, the air cooling condenser is usually used in the soft ice cream cooling system. If the installation space is limited, for example, there is not enough cooling space around the ice cream equipment, or the condenser on the accumulation of dust is too thick, it will reduce the heat transfer effect of the condenser, or even cause the refrigeration compressor to stop.

2. The ice cream from the ice cream equipment has ice slag

Firstly, the ratio of ice cream powder to water is wrong, you add too much water. Secondly, slurry mixing is uneven and sufficient stirring time is required. Thirdly, after cleaning the ice cream equipment, the water in the cylinder was not drained clean and the ice cream equipment don’t have enough standing time. The slurry should be left to rest for more than 15 minutes after mixing. Last, the quality of ice cream equipment or ice cream powder is not good, resulting in a low swelling rate of ice cream, and more ice residue.

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