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Ice cream equipment cleaning
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We use ice cream equipment to product delicious ice cream. But If you want to make the high quality ice cream every time, you should not forget to do the ice cream equipment cleaning. Today, we will talk about the cleaning of ice cream equipment.

 ice cream equipment

ice cream equipment cleaning is done in two parts, you can read the following article.


1. Stirring cleaning of stirring freezer tank


First, screw off the four nuts fixed on the distribution valve body in front of the ice cream equipment and then remove the distribution valve body and the mixing shaft in the freezing cylinder. Next, use 1:50 84 disinfectant to soak for 10-15 minutes. Then wipe the freezer with a disinfectant rag. After washing, wipe again with a clean rag. Finally, reinstall the mixing shaft and distributing valve body. The first part of the cleaning should do every three days or so.


2. Cleaning of storage tank


After the ice cream equipment is connected to the power supply, put the water containing disinfectant and food detergent into the ice cream equipment.Then wipe the material storage tank with a rag and press the button marked "clean" on the operation panel before the ice cream equipment. When machine stirring system starts last about 1 minute, remove the disinfectant or detergent from the machine. Repeatedly pour into clean water to clean until the water no smell and then press the stop button. Use a dry cloth to clean the sides of the ice cream machine storage tank. So the disinfection cleaning of the  ice cream equipment is completed. You can make ice cream. The second part of the cleaning needs to be done every day.


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