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Introduction to ice cream ingredients
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Ice cream consists of many different ingredients and has a certain ratio to produce high-quality ice cream. How much do you know about its composition? In today's article, Wuxi Danxiao Machinery will briefly learn about the composition of ice cream. If you are interested, just watch it with me.


Ice cream has the following ingredients:


a) According to the legal definition, milk fat is greater than 10%, and the fat in some high-quality ice creams is usually between 10% and 16%.


b) 9% (without fat) 12% milk solids, which contains the protein (casein whey protein) and carbohydrates (lactose) found in milk.


c) 12% to 16% sweetener, usually a combination of corn syrup sweeteners based on sucrose and glucose.

 bar ice cream

d) 0.2% to 0.5% of stabilizer emulsifier is added. Unfortunately, these necessary components have unfamiliar pronunciation names, and these names occupy three-quarters of the space of the ingredient table to be described later. The rest, usually 55% to 64%, is water and comes from milk. The composition of ice cream milk is very similar to ice cream, but by definition, the milk fat content is 3%-5%. Lightweight ice cream contains 8% to 10% milk fat.


The ingredients used to provide this composition include:


a) The source of concentrated milk fat, usually cream or butter.


b) The source of concentrated non-milk solids, usually evaporated milk or milk powder.


c) Sugar including sucrose "glucose solids", which is the product of partial hydrolysis of the corn starch component in corn syrup.


d) Milk.

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The fat component increases the flavor, increases the smooth texture, makes the body slippery, melts, and increases the taste when consumed. Non-dairy solid ingredients also contribute to the flavor, but more importantly, by providing some "chewiness" to improve the ice cream's ability to retain air, thereby improving the texture of the ice cream. Sugar gives the product a typical sweetness and palatability, and enhances the perception of various fruit flavors. In addition, sugars including lactose in the milk ingredient will cause the freezing point to decrease. Therefore, ice cream will be accompanied by some unfrozen water at very low temperatures (-15°C to -18°C), which are usually used. Without this unfrozen water, ice cream will be difficult to fish out.


The lowering of the freezing point of a solution is a coefficient related to the number of dissolved molecules. The lower the molecular weight, the greater the ability of the molecule to lower the freezing point. Therefore, the ice cream produced by monofruit acids (such as fructose or glucose) is much softer than non-fructose (such as sucrose). This limits the types of sugars that can be successfully incorporated into the formulation.


The composition of ice cream ingredients is introduced here first. The composition of ice cream ingredients plays a vital role in the quality of ice cream. Similarly, for ice cream, ice cream production equipment is also a very important link. Wuxi Danxiao Machinery is a professional industrial ice cream machine manufacturer. Our industrial ice cream equipment and excellent after-sales service are well received by customers all over the world. If you have demand for industrial ice cream equipment, please contact Wuxi Danxiao Machinery!

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