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The key factors that determine the taste of ice cream
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Nowadays, there are many types of ice cream on the market, some people like hard ice cream and some people like soft ice cream. So what are the main factors that affect the taste of ice cream? let's figure it out together.


We say that hard ice is more delicious than soft ice, because hard ice has a higher dry matter content than soft ice, a lower puffing rate, a smoother mouthfeel and a stronger taste, and of course the price is more expensive.


1. Sugar: Sugar is extremely important for making ice cream because it does not freeze while providing sweetness. It can make the raw materials have anti-caking ability and keep the ice cream soft and slippery at a lower temperature. White granulated sugar (sucrose) is the best choice.

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2. Milk (milk and milk powder) content: protein can create a protective wall for fat particles and locked air, making ice cream softer and smoother, while absorbing a lot of water, which can be understood as a concrete wall for building a building.


3. Fat content: Fat is not a necessary raw material for ice cream. For example, hard ice sorbet and soft ice popsicles do not contain fat, but it can make ice cream softer, stronger and smoother, and give ice cream more The rich texture balances the melting point of ice cream in the oral cavity (the human body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius, and the reasonable use of fat can adjust the speed of ice cream melting in the oral cavity.


4. Jam quality (the higher the quality, the better)


5. Stabilizers: There are two main functions of stabilizers. To illustrate, we need to explain from the molecular level. We can understand that one is the "thickening" of stir-fried vegetables, and the other is the "reinforcing steel" for building buildings.

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6. Flavor quality (this depends on the choice of the R&D engineer on the basis of qualified quality)


7. Production process (air content, freezing temperature)


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