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Material selection for ice cream production process
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The quality of raw materials directly affects the quality of ice cream. Various raw materials must be inspected strictly according to quality standards after entering the factory, and those who fail to pass are prohibited from using them. The application of ice cream quick frozen tunnel has accelerated the production of ice cream.

General principles of material selection:

1. Check the variety, name and number of raw materials specified in the formula.

2. Re-weigh the weight of the raw material and check whether it meets the requirements of the formula.

3. Perform sensory evaluation on each raw material, and if in doubt, proceed with laboratory testing, and decide whether to use this material for processing according to the laboratory report.

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To maintain a proper and balanced ratio of ingredients in high-quality ice cream, you should pay attention to the following points:

1. Fat: The fat usually used in ice cream is milk fat. Milk fat can give ice cream a unique mellow flavor, smooth tissue, good texture, and shape retention. Generally speaking, the more milk fat, the better the quality. Milk fat raw materials should be fresh and clean.

2. Non-fat solids: Non-fat solids are the structure of protein, lactose and minerals left after the total solids of milk is removed from fat. Among them, the protein has the properties of water and effect, which can keep the mixture quite water. In terms of flavor effects, non-fat solids are not as significant as fat, but the soft sweetness of lactose and the subtle salty flavor of minerals will give the product a significant flavor profile.

3. Sugar: Sugar is generally 15.0~16.0% when the sweetness of sucrose is used as the standard. The most commonly used sugar is sucrose, which is not only cheap but also has little effect on the flavor of ice cream, making it an ideal sweetener. The sweetness is also affected by the type or amount of other raw materials. In ice cream or fruit ice cream containing fruit juice, the taste is sour but weak in sweetness, so it is necessary to add sweeteners.

4. Stabilizer and emulsifier: The amount of stabilizer added varies according to the composition of the ice cream. When choosing a stabilizer, you should pay attention to the following aspects: easily soluble in water or mixed raw materials, and easy to mix; can give the mixed raw materials good viscosity and foaming; can give ice cream good structure and texture; can improve the shape retention of ice cream ; The price is cheap and so on.

5. Total solid content: The total solid content is the total of the above raw materials. It is the main factor affecting the quality, expansion rate and processing capacity of ice cream. Those with more solid content can generally increase the expansion rate, increase the yield, and improve the freezing capacity. Because the relative moisture is reduced, the organization will become lubricated, and the quality will be improved, and it has the advantage of reducing the heat required for freezing and hardening. Generally, the total solid content is preferably in the range of 25-40%.

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