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Nutritive value of ice cream
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Ice cream is a frozen dairy food made by freezing a pasteurized mix with agitation to incorporate air and to ensure uniformity of consistency. The mix is composed of a combination of milk products, sugar, dextrose, corn syrup in dry or liquid form, water, and may include eggs or egg products, harmless flavorings, and added stabilizer or emulsifier-all of wholesome edible material. The growth of the ice cream equipment driven by availability of various flavored ice creams.


The ice cream is not only very tasty but also have nutritive value. Are you doubt about it? Today I will open your eyes by the following article.

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Ice cream made by ice cream equipment consists of three main ingredients, mainly including fat, sucrose and protein.


1. Ice cream contains fat mainly from milk and eggs. There is more lecithin which can release choline to be helpful to improve our memory. The fat-soluble vitamins in fat are also easily absorbed by the body.


2. Ice cream made by ice cream equipment contains sugar which consists of lactose in milk and fructose in various fruit juice or puree and sucrose. Among them organic acid, tannin and all sorts of vitamins can provide the camp that the body needs to raise material.


3. Ice cream is favored in hot season because of its pleasant taste, smoothness, coolness, sweetness and variety of color. Ice cream made by ice cream equipment can not only help people cool down and provide water, but also provide some nutrition.


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