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Production principle of ice cream extrusion line
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Last time we briefly learned about some related equipment about ice cream extrusion line. So in today's article, we will continue to discuss related issues about the ice cream extrusion line. If you want to understand the production principle of ice cream extrusion line, just read it with me.


The ice cream extrusion line can be used to make extruded and filled ice cream, as well as decorate and harden ice cream products. Various types of ice cream products can be produced using auxiliary equipment.


The working principle of ice cream extrusion line:


The standard ice cream extrusion line consists of a reciprocating product tray conveying system and instant frozen storage. The product entrance and exit are located at the front end of the quick-freezer and connected to the working platform to form a circular transmission system. The standard workstation frame is installed on the work platform for extruding, filling and decorating ice cream. Inside the quick-freezer, the transmission chain is twisted on two parallel stainless steel frames.

 DTB-880 Ice Cream Quick Frozen Tunnel

As the first working procedure, the production line extrudes ice cream ingredients into product trays (such as stick products, sliced products or small cakes), or fills ice cream ingredients into pre-distributed cones. Different products use different operating units, such as stick insertion device, biscuit dispensing device, chewing gum dispensing device, spherical cone filling, surface decoration ice cream, caramel, juice, jam or dried fruit. Then, the tray containing the product passes through the quick-freezing channel and is frozen by circulating cooling air. After the ice cream product is frozen, the robot will remove the product from the tray, soak it in chocolate and package the product.


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