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Danxiao Machinery's Quick Freezing Tunnel Type
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In the previous article, Danxiao Machinery analyzed the advantages of ice cream quick-freezing tunnel for everyone. Today we show that our company is currently producing and selling ice cream quick-freezing tunnels. Danxiao Machinery processing 4 different types of ice cream quick-freezing tunnels: SDA-600 ice cream quick-freezing tunnel, SDA-980 ice cream quick-freezing tunnel, SDA-880 ice cream quick-freezing tunnel, and SDA-988 ice cream quick-freezing tunnel. Let's look at their differences.

Model Production capacity(Pieces / min)
Cooling capacity(KW)
Number of shipping trays(block)
Total power(t/h)
SDA-600 90 56 600 10×2.6×2.88
SDA-880 120 120 880 9* 4* 3.750
SDA-980 150 95 980 14.8×2.6×3.2

Ice cream frozen tunnel
The four different ice cream quick-freezing tunnels provided by Danxiao Machinery can produce ice cream in various shapes, such as patterned ice cream cones, double-layer ice cream, horizontal squeezed and rotating ice cream, and cake ice cream. Fancy contact us now!

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