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Reasons that affect the taste and development of ice cream
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When we taste ice cream, we can often judge the quality of ice cream based on the taste of the ice cream. Therefore, in order to produce high-quality ice cream, the taste of ice cream is very important. what factors and functions of ice cream equipment will affect the taste of ice cream? Let's see about reasons that affect the taste of ice cream.

The first is the puffing function of the ice cream equipment.The puffing function of the ice cream equipment is to inject air into the ice cream slurry to make the ice cream taste softer and more delicate. If there is no puffing function, the ice cream made after freezing and stirring will taste dry and hard.The second is the freezing and stirring function of the ice cream equipment.The freezing mixing function is actually a freezing cylinder. The equipment's freezing cylinder stores the finished ice cream that is about to be discharged from the discharge port. The freezing and stirring process of ice cream is completed in the freezing cylinder, and mixing while cooling, and the volume of the freezing cylinder will be larger than the volume of the material tank.The third is the heat treatment function of the ice cream equipment.This function is an optional feature of the ice cream equipment. Most ice cream equipment do not have this function. Ice cream equipment with this function are also expensive.

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Nearly 800 years ago, ice cream originated in China. During the Yuan Dynasty, a savvy food store businessman had a whim. He tried to add some honey, milk and pearl powder to the ice. As a result, he made the earliest ice cream in the world. In the 13th century, the world-famous Italian explorer Marco Polo returned to Italy and brought back the Chinese method of making ice cream.In 1500, when a French king married a member of the Italian royal family, ice cream was passed down from Italy to France. On the basis of the original practice, the French added many new ingredients. In 1625, the newly succeeding King Charles I of England hired a chef to make ice cream in order to be able to eat this kind of food to cool off the heat, and asked the chef to keep the ice cream recipe strictly confidential.Around 1700, ice cream spread to the American continent. The first president of the United States, George Washington, has an extraordinary fascination with this new craft. At that time, it was not easy to make ice cream. People want to eat this kind of food in summer and have to take ice cubes from the river in winter and store them in sawdust. Ice cream is still the food of wealthy people. In 1846, a lady named Nancy Johnson in the United States improved the complex process and created a manual crank freezer to make the ice cream production process simpler and easier. In 1851, American Zakab Fissell opened an American ice cream factory in Baltimore, Maryland.

In 1900, due to the widespread application of electricity and refrigeration, the production process of ice cream was speeded up and the cost was reduced, which greatly reduced the price. Since then, ice cream has become a popular food for reducing heat.

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