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Recommended Ice Cream Freezing Machine
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Ice cream is divided into ice cream and gelato. Soft ice cream requires relatively simple technology and can be made at home; hard ice cream is mainly processed in factories and frozen for sale in stores. Ice cream machines are also mainly divided into soft ice cream machines and hard ice cream machines. When choosing an ice cream machine, factors such as puffing rate, freezing performance, output, and failure rate should be considered comprehensively.

BNJ300 Ice Cream Freezing Machine

The ice cream machine is not complicated to say, it is "- freeze-while stirring". I used to make ice cream before without an ice cream machine. It is actually very simple. Put the stirred milk paste in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator and stir it every 30 minutes-times, five or six times. The ice cream is barely acceptable.

But in fact, "stirring in the frozen state" will make the ice cream smooth and delicate. The more fully stirred, the more air is added, the more delicate the taste, and nothing else. So the only purpose of the home ice cream machine is to stir while freezing. By the way, it saves you the time to take it out of the freezer frequently. Basically all ice cream machines can be understood as "a freezer + a stir bar".

The freezer compartment of ice cream machine can be roughly divided into three types: compressor refrigeration, semiconductor refrigeration and ice bucket. Among them, compressor refrigeration is the best, with high power and obvious cooling effect, but the disadvantage is that the price is high. The imported ones are probably around 4K.-A bucket with a liquid inner layer is placed in the refrigerator and taken out after 8 hours. The icy liquid inside refrigerates. The advantage of the ice bucket is that it is cheap, but the disadvantage is that it needs to be put in the refrigerator in advance,-it can only make one bucket at a time and it will take up a space in the freezer.
BNJ-600 Ice Cream Freezing Machine
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