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Related equipment for ice cream extrusion line
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The mass industrial production of ice cream requires a whole ice cream extrusion line. So what do you know about the ice cream extrusion line? In today's article, let's take a brief look at the equipment composition of the ice cream extrusion line, and let us see what each equipment is used for.


The ice cream extrusion line usually consists of the following parts:


1. Main power


The power supply for the chain drive system and all equipment on the working platform is in the ice cream quick frozen tunnel. The drive wheels of the chain drive system and the main drive shaft under the working platform are directly connected to the main power.


2. Work platform


The workstation frame is installed on the work platform to equip various functional components to produce special products. These workstation frames are designed to be interchangeable to produce extruded or filled products. All outer surfaces and components of the platform are made of stainless steel or stainless steel materials.

 SDA-980 Ice Cream Quick Frozen Tunnel

3. Ice cream quick frozen tunnel


The ice cream quick frozen tunnel of the ice cream extrusion line is composed of two sets of prefabricated independent warehouses. The evaporator and high-speed fan are located on the side of the chain drive system. Inside the quick-freezer, the transmission chain is twisted on the stainless steel frame along the double spiral guide rail. All chain support parts, sprocket and frame are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Between the chain support and the fan is a maintenance channel. The tension mechanism used to fix the drive chain takes full account of the temperature change in the ice cream quick frozen tunnel. The storage panel of the quick-freezing channel is made of a stainless steel panel with PU inside. The bottom storage board is provided with a drain.

 SDA-600 Ice Cream Quick Frozen Tunnel

4. Control system


All random functions of the ice cream (including power supply components, filling function and ice cream surface decoration function) are controlled by the PLC on the central control panel. All production data can be compiled, managed and adjusted in advance on the control panel. When other devices are connected to the host, they can be controlled by different programs.


5. Cooling system


Standard ice cream extruder uses ammonia cooling evaporator. As an optional unit, syste-m can also use freon evaporator.


6. Product delivery


The product transfer instrument is specially designed to transfer rod-shaped plug products. After being squeezed and hardened, it can be soaked in a chocolate bar. The instrument can be equipped with several manipulators, a movable chocolate soaking tank and a special chocolate circulation pump.


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