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Related functions of ice cream stabilizer
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Most ice creams contain locust bean gum, guar gum, carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), xanthan gum, sodium alginate, α-carrageenan, etc. What are these things that sound scary? Why do they appear in our ice cream?


In the ice cream industry, these are called "stabilizers". Stabilizers are a group of compounds, usually polyhalide edible gums, which are responsible for increasing the viscosity of the mixture and the unfrozen phase of ice cream. They help in two main ways: reduce freezing and extend shelf life. Without stabilizers, ice cream will quickly become rough due to the migration of free water and the growth of existing ice crystals.


In today’s market’s distribution channels, supermarkets, car trunks, etc., ice cream has many opportunities to heat up, partially melt some ice, and then re-freeze as the temperature drops again. This process is called "heat shock" and every time it happens, the ice cream becomes more icy. And stabilizers can help prevent this.

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The function of stabilizer in ice cream:


1. In the mixture


In order to stabilize the emulsion to prevent the emulsification of fats and fats, carrageenan should prevent serum separation caused by the incompatibility of other polysaccharides and milk proteins, and it also helps to suspend liquid flavorings.


2. Remove the ice cream from the scratched surface freezer


In order to stabilize the bubbles and keep the seasoning (such as corrugated sauce) dispersed.


3. In the ice cream during storage


In order to prevent the growth of lactose crystals and the growth of ice crystals during storage, it is also necessary to prevent bubbles from shrinking and shrinking and to prevent water from migrating to the package and sublimating from the surface.


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4. In ice cream when eating


Provides some non-sticky body feel and promotes good fragrance release.


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