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Spinning ice cream solution of Danxiao machinery
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Now our living standard is improving, we are more and more like ice cream. But it is sadly that the spinning ice cream sold in the market is usually sold in the shop by the ice cream extruder. However, due to various conditions, it is difficult to guarantee the hygienic standards of ice cream.


Actually, the ice cream extruder that appears on the market is the soft ice cream machine, we do not have the equipment that spins ice cream specially. Then, someone put forward the solution of the spinning ice cream machine, which drives the meshing gear to rotate through the motor and then drives the tube to rotate to control the flow of the ice cream, so that the tube can rotate as it flows out of the ice cream.

Rotary Stick Ice Cream Machine

Wuxi Danxiao Machinery Co., Ltd. is the best technical solution provider at spinning ice cream machine. So in many products, also appeared the product of spinning ice cream machine. The spinning ice cream machine can solve the problem of hygiene. The spinning ice cream machine adopts compressed air dive which processes smooth and with the function of multi-point failure detection and protection. PLC control and human-machine interface operation makes the spinning ice cream machine to achieve high efficiency running and suitable for large-scale and various ice cream production, it's the latest generation of energy conservation and environmental protection products. If you are interested in our products, please contact with us!

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