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Stabilizers and emulsifiers in ice cream
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Stabilizers and emulsifiers are two indispensable elements in ice cream ingredients, and are two more important ingredients in the ice cream production process. Today, Wuxi Danxiao Machinery is here to introduce you to the stabilizers and emulsifiers in ice cream, so hurry up and read on with me.


Stabilizers are a group of generally multifunctional compounds that are responsible for increasing the viscosity to the unfrozen part of the water, thereby retaining the water so that it cannot migrate in the product. The ice cream thus obtained is firmer to chewing. Without stabilizers, ice cream will quickly become rough due to the migration of free water and the growth of existing ice crystals. The smaller the ice crystals in the ice cream, the less detection of the tongue. Especially in the distribution channels of today's market, such as supermarkets, car trunks, etc., ice cream has a lot of opportunities to warm up. Some ice is partially melted and then re-freeze as the temperature drops again. Each time this process occurs, it is called heat shock, and the ice cream becomes more icy. Stabilizers help prevent this.

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Gelatin is an animal-derived protein, almost only used as a stabilizer in the ice cream industry, but due to its enhanced efficacy and reduced cost, it has gradually been replaced by the multi-characteristics of plant origin.


The stabilizers used today include:


a) Carboxymethyl cellulose, a huge component derived from plant materials.


b) Locust bean gum, which is derived from beans of exotic trees grown mainly in Africa (Note: Locust bean gum is synonymous with carob bean gum. For hundreds of years, carob bean has been used to weigh precious metals , Still in use today, has a similarly derived word carob Karat).


c) Guar gum, which comes from the guar bush, is a member of the legume family in India. It has grown in India for centuries and is now limited in Texas.


d) Carrageenan, an extract of Irish moss or red algae, originally harvested from the Irrel coast.


e) Sodium alginate, an extract of brown kelp, another seaweed. Generally, two or more of these stabilizers are used in combination to provide synergistic properties with each other and increase their overall effectiveness.


Emulsifiers are a group of compounds in ice cream, which help to form the proper fat structure air distribution necessary for smooth eating and good melting characteristics in ice cream. The molecular structure of the emulsifier makes one part of the molecule easier to dissolve in polar compounds (such as water), and the other part of the molecule is easier to dissolve in non-polar solvents (such as fat), allowing the emulsifier to work. As a result, the emulsifier resides at the interface between fat and water, reducing the free energy or tension associated with the contact of two immiscible liquids with each other.


The original ice cream emulsifier was egg yolk, which was used in most original recipes.

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Today, two ice cream emulsifiers are the main ingredients in most ice cream recipes:


a) Monoglycerides, obtained by partial hydrolysis of fats and oils derived from animals or plants.


b) Polysorbate 80, a product composed of glucose molecules combined with fatty acids and oleic acid. Both of these compounds have a hydrophobic region (the "fat-loving" part), fatty acids, and a hydrophilic region (the "water-loving" part) of glycerol or glucose. All the compounds mentioned above are fats or carbohydrates, which are important ingredients in most foods we eat.


Together, stabilizers and emulsifiers account for less than half of the ice cream's weight. They are all compounds that have been thoroughly tested for safety. After ensuring the demand for ice cream ingredients, do you want to choose high-quality industrial ice cream machinery? Wuxi Danxiao Machinery will be a good choice.For more details,welcome to contact with us!

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