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The birth of cone ice cream
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Do you know how cone ice cream are produced? After reading the next article, I believe you will have a general understanding of the production process of cone ice cream. If you are interested, just keep reading.


1. Mixed raw materials

The main raw materials for making ice cream are fresh milk fat (preserved at a constant low temperature in the cold storage), mixed with skimmed milk powder, sugar, plant stabilizers (to avoid ice cream icing residue), emulsifiers (combined with air when stirring to make the taste dense) , Corn syrup (soften the texture to prevent crystallization), stir all the ingredients for about 3 minutes until they are uniform.


2. Pasteurization

Then it is sent to pasteurization: the mixture is left in a sterilization tank at 72°C for half an hour, the protein will not change and can completely kill various microorganisms.


3. Homogenization

Continue to stir the mixture until the fat balls are broken. This is called the "homogeneity" of dairy products in the industry, and it is the key to making ice cream smooth and dense. 

4. Cool and solidify

Add concentrated ice cream flavors (such as vanilla flavor, strawberry flavor, etc.), and slowly cool the mixture to low temperature while stirring. Under the action of emulsifiers, ice cream that is still liquid will be filled with tiny bubbles and gradually become soft solid. The role of emulsifier is very critical, if there is no interaction between it and air, it will be like frozen milk.

 Cool and solidify

5. Chocolate powder primer

The cones pre-wrapped with outer stickers are thrown into the bracket on the conveyor belt by the feeder. First, spray the inside of the cone with a layer of chocolate powder with a sprayer. The cones we often eat are usually filled with chocolate paste at the bottom. From this step, it is time for the automatic cone ice cream machine to take effect.


6. Squeeze ice cream

There are too many assembly lines for ice cream, and various ingredients and sauces can be combined to create ever-changing flavors. We often use the cone ice cream filling machine to complete this process.

Squeeze ice cream

7. Fill the sandwich

Different ice cream fillings have different fillings. If it is filled with pure chocolate syrup, it will be a crunchy chocolate bar when it is eaten, and the bottom is filled with liquid caramel.

 Fill the sandwich

8. Drizzle with syrup

The more common is to drizzle strawberry jam and chocolate syrup.

 Drizzle with syrup

9. Sprinkle the ingredients

The picture below is popped rice, which is crispy sweet and greasy chocolate particles. Of course, it can also be replaced with peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, melon seeds, etc.

 Sprinkle the ingredients

10. Cone cap

A little wax is applied to the circumference of each cone cap, and the capping machine only needs to heat it up a little, and the ice cream will be sealed tightly as soon as the wax melts. Because the heating is extremely fast, it will not melt into ice cream.

 Cone cap

11.Waiting for packing

The cone ice cream coming off the processing line stand in rows, waiting for the cold chain to be packed and transported.


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