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The correct choice of ice cream
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Ice cream has become one of the most popular desserts. Every summer, various styles of delicious ice cream sell well in the market. When we eat ice cream, we should also pay attention to our body and eat it in moderation.


There are many types of ice cream on the market, including cup-shaped, tube-shaped, and stick-shaped. The added ingredients are also different, with strawberry flavor and orange flavor. There are many types of ice cream on the market, with different brands, different prices, different materials, and different quality. What should I pay attention to when buying?


The raw materials and processes of ice cream are sometimes very different. When purchasing, consumers must first see whether the manufacturer is marked on the package; whether the ice cream is stored in a freezer below -18°C;


Whether the outer packaging is intact, whether there is penetration or defect, otherwise it will cause secondary pollution such as microorganisms;

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Whether the effective date of the product is within the expected date of consumption, etc.;


Finally, look at whether the shape of the product has changed. If the product is deformed, it may be caused by the product being melted and frozen again due to the high temperature during transportation or storage. This may also cause microbial damage. It reproduces and exceeds the standard, and the taste also deteriorates. Experts also suggest that consumers first choose the products of famous brand companies when purchasing, because their quality is guaranteed.


In addition, pay attention to whether the crispy skin is still crispy. Some ice creams are crispy when they leave the factory, but they are not crisp anymore when they are shipped to distributors or consumers, and they taste like chewing cotton.


Some high-quality ice cream cones are made of chocolate at a point of 4 to 5 cm from the bottom, which not only tastes good, but also makes it difficult to make the melting ice cream flow down.


Some cup-shaped ice cream products also use a transparent cover, so the texture of the ice cream is clear at a glance.

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In the past, unqualified products in random inspections had the following problems: microbiological indicators exceeded standards, physical and chemical indicators of some products (such as fat content, swelling rate, etc.) did not meet standard requirements, lead content exceeded standards, and additives exceeded standards.


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