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The history of ice cream
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Ice cream has been in China since ancient times. As early as the pre-Qin period, the royal family set up ice cellars to store ice. In order to ensure the use of ice in the summer, the Zhou royal family also set up a corresponding institution to manage the "Ice Policy", and the person in charge is called "Ling Ren". The establishment of the department is not small, with a total of 80 workers.


Before the Song Dynasty, giving ice was only a part of the enjoyment of high-ranking officials, but it was a luxury for ordinary people. In the Song Dynasty, a kind of ice cream made from fruit juice, milk from cows and goats and ice cubes, made by the Mongolians, became popular among the people. From the notes of some Song people, it can be seen that there are quite a lot of tricks concocted. Every summer, there are dozens of types sold at night market cold drinks shops, and they often dont end until midnight.


In the era of Kublai Khan, the ruler of Yuan Dynasty began to monopolize the ice cream and banned private production. It was not until the Italian traveler Marco Polo returned to China that he was taught the method of making this treasure. . After Marco Polo returned, he passed this production method to the Italian royal family and immediately became popular in the royal family. In 1533, after the French king and the Italians got married, the Italian royal family passed on to France the method that had been kept secret for about 300 years. The French added many new ingredients on the basis of the original practice. In 1625, the new succession was made. King Charles I of England hired a chef to make ice cream in order to be able to eat this kind of summer food, and asked the chef to keep the ice cream recipe strictly confidential.

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In 1846, a lady named Nancy Johnson in the United States improved the complex process and created a manual crank freezer to make the ice cream production process simpler and easier. In 1851, the American Zakab Fessell opened the first ice cream making factory in the United States in Baltimore, Maryland.


In 1900, due to the widespread application of electric power and thermodynamic theories, the production process of ice cream was accelerated and the cost was reduced, resulting in a significant drop in prices. Since then, ice cream has become a popular heat-reducing food.


Due to the increasing popularity of refrigerators and freezers in China, ice creams are sold in shops large and small in cities and villages every hot summer. Many families are still used to making ice cream that suits their own taste. Even in the cold winter, there are many ice creams. People like to eat ice cream.


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