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The ice cream market has great potential for development
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"In previous years, ice creams were discounted from the end of spring and early summer, but this year they started after the Spring Festival." In this market with huge potential, ice cream manufacturers braved the cold wind on the streets, from industrial ice cream machines to brand influence. Power and other aspects have started a big battle.

According to the survey: China's cold beverage industry has shown a rapid growth trend in the past two years. But for a market of 1.4 billion people, the development of the cold beverage industry has just started. In foreign countries, ice cream has become a kind of culture, from the history and the status quo, has broken seasonal restrictions, and has become a fashion consumption. According to rough statistics, the annual output value of the ice cream industry in Italy is 400 Euros. In Austria, there is an ice cream shop for every 15,000 people, while the average consumption per person in China is 2 liters per year. According to statistics, it will increase to 20 liters in ten years. The ice cream is mainly hard ice cream, which is produced by a large number of industrial ice cream machines. The huge gap in per capita consumption of cold drinks and rapid economic development support the huge potential of China's cold drink market, attracting competition from many Chinese and foreign companies.

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In order to welcome the golden age of China's ice cream market and quickly seize market opportunities, the major ice cream manufacturers have shown their abilities.

Low-sugar health "battle"

Ice cream is delicious but easy to gain weight. Aiming at the psychology of consumer groups, major ice cream brand manufacturers have launched a variety of low-sugar, healthy and low-calorie varieties this year. Low sugar content is a new trend in the food market in recent years. While catering to the modern trend of "eating healthily", ice cream has changed the concept of simply "relieving heat" in the past, reshaping its new image of healthy food for the four seasons.

High-end profit-seeking "battle"

Ice cream is a well-known low-margin product that has been in a price war for many years. This year, various ice cream manufacturers tacitly increased the bottom line of product prices from 1 yuan to 1.5 yuan, with mid-range products ranging from 2 yuan to 3.5 yuan becoming the main focus. This is not unrelated to the high sugar prices since the beginning of the year. In addition to raising the unit price to launch mid-to-high-end products, several ice cream manufacturers are also beginning to test high-end products. The preference of many manufacturers for the mid-to-high-end cold drink market is that, on the one hand, they hope to use high profits to dilute the impact of high costs. The more profound reason is that after the melee of hundreds of ice cream brands in the past few years, most of the small brands have now been eliminated. It frees up high-end profit-seeking market space for powerful big brands.

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