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The nutritional benefits of ice cream
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Who wouldn't want a bowl of cool and sweet ice cream in the hot summer? Many people eat ice cream to cool off the heat or to satisfy their appetite. But in fact, ice cream also has nutritional value. The following introduces the nutrition of ice cream.

Main nutrition

Ice cream is a kind of food that contains high-quality protein, high sugar and high fat. It also contains amino acids and calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, chlorine, sulfur, iron, etc. It has the functions of regulating physiological functions, maintaining osmotic pressure and pH. Statistics show that the digestibility of ice cream in the human body can reach more than 95%, which is higher than the digestibility of meat and fat.

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Ice cream has nutritional value. Ice cream is rich in high-quality protein, lactose, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, chlorine, sulfur, iron, amino acids, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and other nutrients, as well as other biologically active substances that are extremely beneficial to humans. Physiological function, the function of balancing human osmotic pressure and pH.

The main nutrients of ice cream are sugar and fat. Ice cream contains sugar, which is composed of lactose in milk and various fruit juices, fructose and sucrose in fruit syrup. Among them, organic acids, tannins and various vitamins can provide the human body with the nutrients it needs.

The fat contained in ice cream mainly comes from milk and eggs. There is more lecithin, which can release choline, which is helpful for improving people's memory. The fat-soluble vitamins in fat are also easily absorbed by the body.

Most ice creams are mainly composed of 3 ingredients, of which fat accounts for 7% to 16%, sucrose accounts for 14% to 20%, and protein accounts for 3% to 4%.

Incidental nutrition

The following is the nutrient composition of the commonly used nuts, colorful candy bars and chocolate chips in ice cream.

1. Crushed nuts

Many people like to eat crushed nuts on ice cream. In fact, nuts contain a lot of nutrients, including protein, vitamin E, iron, copper, zinc, manganese and cellulose, but there are really a lot of fats. Although most of its fat is unsaturated fat, which can help reduce bad cholesterol in the blood, it is high in calories, and eating more can easily make you fat.

2. Colorful candy bars

Although the colored candy bars and marshmallows are fat-free, they are high in sugar. The nutritional value of sugar is very low. It only provides calories. Eating more can make you fat. 1 tablespoon of colored sugar bars contains 60 calories.

3. Chocolate Chips

Chocolate chips contain 54% cocoa butter, 19% carbohydrates, and 12% protein. They are definitely high-fat foods. The addition of chocolate chips to ice cream doubles fat, sugar and calories.

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